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The Setup

Let’s say you’re about to watch TV!
Drinks, snacks, remote control and … Layzapp!
Layzapp will be your new favourite TV buddy
(next to your cat of course).
It will provide you interesting, fun and original information about the show you are watching while you watch it!

The Info

So let’s say you watch a Football match and
decide to use Layzapp.
You’ll find all the relevant information such as the score, stats or the current standing of the league.
That’s expected but, you’ll also be able to figure out if the player is single and see how pretty his wife is.
No matter what you watch, you will find the right content for you.

The Choice

So basically Layzapp is like a box of chocolate;
you never know what you’re going to get.
We have a variety to satisfy every tastes! But unlike chocolate, you don’t hide from your friend the one you like.
We believe in sharing!

The Loudest Fans

During the World Cup Layzapp Users had the opportunity to prove that their favorite teams are not only the best on the pitch, but also have the best fans at home and in the stadium.
With Layzapp, Users had the possibility to gather their friends and take a “loud” selfie and earn points in order to make their team win the competition.

You may know us from…

That’s what’s up!

About Layzapp

Our goal is to provide the ultimate television experience. You are the boss and get to choose what content you want to have. Our job is to make sure we integrate the latest technologies to make it as up-to-date and awesome as possible. By doing so, we are diversifying the content we will share in order to create that ah ha! moment that you experience when you learn something new or gain a new perspective. Most importantly, we want to be accessible and reliable through all of our interactions.

We’re happy to work with well known partners


You can get Layzapp on your smartphone now
(iPhone and Android, we love everybody).
The navigation is a little bit different but no worries,
the content is as good as in the tablet version.

Who we are

We drink way too much coffee, we have a weird obsession about pandas and some would say we are geeks. It’s hard to describe what is the core of our team since we are a mix of culture, ideas and fields. We have developers, designers, marketing specialists and even scientists. But, there is definitely something you can find in each of us; a passion about bringing technology forward, about creating something and a commitment to give our best. *high five*

We’d love to hear from you!


If you encountered an error or have ideas how to improve our app please send us a feedback. We love to hear and learn from you.


Do you want to know more about Layzapp and the people behind it?
Get in touch with our Marketing and PR team.


We are always open for new relationships or partners in crime.
Curious? Just send us an email and we are happy to contact you very soon.


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